This Little Known Program

Let’s You Get Solar On For

$0 Upfront

Find out if you qualify for the Shoalhaven Solar Program

This Little Known Nowra Solar Program Let’s You Get Solar On For 

$0 Upfront

Find out if you qualify for the Shoalhaven Solar Program

Get Connected With The

Top Local Shoalhaven Solar Installers

Get Connected With The Top Local Shoalhaven Solar Installers

How Does The Nowra Solar Program Work?

We have designed a quiz which will determine if you pre-qualify.

If you pre-qualify, we will connect you with the top rated Shoalhaven Installers that meet our extensive quality criteria.


Arrange Site Inspection

Peperation Contract

Installation Solar

Why Should You Get Onto The Shoalhaven Solar Program?

Paying for grid connected power is nothing more than renting power. You never own it. Solar lets you control it instead.  Best of all, you can get connected for $0 upfront and pay off the system costs with your new savings!

$0 Upfront Program

Government Funded

Local Installers

The Secret To Pay Nothing For Power

The Secret To Pay Nothing For Power

Don’t miss this Great Opportunity For Shoalhaven Homeowners

The Federal Government is planning on axing all solar subsidies in the future. That means this program too!  If you’re considering putting solar on your property and want to access thousands in FREE government funding for your installation, make sure you find out if you qualify today.

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Nowra Solar Success Stories – Our huge pride

I have been very impressed with the service we received from the installer. Right from the initial consultation, which was personal and addressed all of our needs and any questions we had; through to the installation; which was very efficient. We have been very happy with the Shoalhaven Solar Program. Michelle

Very nice people, great customer service. we have had our solar electricity in for 18 months never had a problem. Just received our latest bill and we are in credit, air conditioners being going non stop. Very happy with Shoalhaven Solar Program. I would highly recommend this guys. Thanks again guys. Nicole

We’re very happy with our Solar. From the beginning of our first meeting where the plan and instillation process was explained through to the actual instillation where the friendly and professional installers completed a seamless job, with no mess I might add, we have been very happy.  Julie

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What are you waiting for?  Every day you wait, the higher the chance you will miss out on the limited government funding that is still available for your installation.

The program has successfully connected almost a thousand local Shoalhaven residents with high quality clean solar power that slashes their energy costs and puts money back in their pocket.